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About Hashnode IRL Meetups

Hashnode is a strong community of more than 500K software developers who share knowledge and help each other. With the Hashnode IRL program, we are bringing the local developers and Hashnode fans together and giving them an opportunity to connect In Real Life (IRL) with each other and local tech orgranisations.

As currently constructed, this program outlines that Hashnode will:

  • Provide limited use of the "Hashnode IRL" logos (to be used only in association with the meet-up).
  • Provide swag kits for the event, for use at each group’s discretion (total number varies depending on the size of the group, but typically about 50-100 per event)
    • Hashnode T-Shirts,
    • Hashnode Stickers,
    • Hashnode Mugs,
    • Hashnode Pens,
    • Tech Stickers,
  • Provide food sponsorship (up to $1000 USD)
  • Promote the event via social media and/or Hashnode Weekly Newsletter
  • Allow use of the name "Hashnode" in social media (such as @HashnodeLagos on Twitter, and in websites).

In exchange, the MeetUp will:

  • Brand the event as "Hashnode IRL <city>".
  • Abide by the Hashnode Trademark and Brand guidelines
  • Keep the event free of charge.
  • Obtain approval from Hashnode for all sponsorships, and keeping sponsors associated with the event related to developer eco-system.
  • Post and enforce an Events Rules of Conduct at each event.
  • Put on at least 2 events per calendar year.

We are interested in hosting Hashnode IRL in other cities too.
Get in touch if you are interested.

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